Project Description

Whatever everyone is doing, we do it differently.

Flipping through high-end real estate magazines, you see that articles and ads alike almost invariably feature large, beautiful rooms. In order to stand out in this homogenous environment, new ideas need to be a little different. We produced an ad campaign for Hans Übelacker Werkstätten für individuelle Farb- und Gestaltungstechniken (Hans Übelacker Studios for individual color and design techniques) that is “quirky,” in the best sense of the word, which means that it has our kind of UNIQUEness. Because “quirky” can also mean “remarkable,” again in the best and most courageous sense of the word.

For this campaign, we took a close look at the actual handcraft of Olaf Übelacker and his team. We intentionally put the focus on the cause (on Olaf himself, his showroom, or just a wall or a floor) rather than on the overall effect. Unusual, eye-catching themes and powerful headlines work together.

Project Details