It is symbolized by the dynamic green-light strip and communicates through the tagline #ProtectWhatMattersToYou


No matter what. No matter where. No ifs and buts.  No compromise if you need to protect what matters the most.

G+D Booth at the MWC 2019

Project Description

About G+D Mobile Security:
As a global leader of identity management services G+D Mobile Security provides systems for administration and protection of digital identities along the whole life cycle. G+D Mobile Security enables customers the secure and reliable implementation of their digital transformation.

Our Challenge/Mission:
Mobile World Congress is the lead event for G+D, it allows the company to set the communication tone for the rest of the year.

We used it to position G+D as the trusted partner and thought leader at the forefront of new technologies, capable of understanding the challenges of the digital world and connected society.

To stand out from the competition and to efficiently generate leads (SALs) we had to find a strong positioning and storyline which translates these objectives to their diverse target groups.

Our Solution:
We decided to combine the emotional imagery of extreme sports with the central message that you can rely on the mobile security solutions from G+D Mobile Security even in the most extreme environments.

Since 2018 we are developing the G+D UNIQUE identity (key visuals) for the MWC (Mobile World Congress) in Barcelona and have gone through two iterations of this concept already.

When we created the campaign idea (including the key visuals, infographics of each vertical (automotive, financial institution , mobile network operators , device manufacturers, enterprise security), social media campaigns, slide decks, brochures …) it was very important for us to provide a real UNIQUE, differentiating touch:

We wanted the G+D identity to stand out from its competitors by the unexpected and striking association of extreme sports. And combine this with an understandable strategic messaging for customers, partners and prospects of G+D.

„We are combining the top-level design competence and the strategic understanding of complex business-models as basis for UNIQUE, understandable and on all levels outstanding marketing-concepts to make our customers stand out of the crowd, break the rules of the seen and support them in reaching their business goals“, ist he comment of the strategic and visual brains behind the campaign, Pascal Gerdsmeier and Florian Lüft from Munich and Monaco based agency-network Ridotto UNIQUE.

Project Details

  • ClientGiesecke + Devrient Mobile Security GmbH
  • LocatedMunich, Germany
  • Datesince 2017