Bader Schreinerwerkstätten

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Project Description

How we make one of the best carpenters in the region happy

“All carpenters are really the same!” Anyone who thinks that must not be familiar with Bader Schreinerwerkstätten (Bader cabinet workshops) in Gauting. The difference comes through clearly on the website we built from scratch. Big, striking headlines get right to the point, imagery specifically defined in a single shoot draws a continuous thread of high quality, and the text reflects what Bader is: a top-class, full-blooded cabinetmaking shop, centered on handcraft and projects for high-class customers from around the world, not on self-expression.
Information should always be easy to find quickly, with “responsive web design” for optimal presentation on any device, of course. And when we get feedback like this from the owner, Fritz Bader, we are all the more pleased.

“We had the courage to try something quite new, which paid off. What we got is a new, integrated market presence for optimal sales support. The results are more than satisfactory, they make us happy!”


Project Details

  • ClientBader Schreinerwerkstätten
  • LocatedGermany, Gauting
  • Date2017
  • CategoryCarpenter