Logo Design

As part of the brand’s overall corporate design, we created Apogee’s logo. As many of Apogee’s featured sports men and women are distinguished athletes, the Olympic inspired rings in the logo honour that excellence. The tailored font also speaks to movement, and the dynamic relationship between humans and sport.


We created and developed the brand’s website, giving it a free-flowing feel, with easy-to-scroll sections and bold visuals. The site was set in Apogee’s signature colour, Ultra Violet, which has since become Pantone’s Colour Of The Year for 2018, making our vision for the brand as cutting edge as the brand itself. The site was optimised for mobile devices too, making browsing an enjoyable adventure, wherever Apogee’s readers might be.


Apogee asked our agency to produce a stationery set, so we did just that. Despite the arrival of email and the internet’s invaluable advantages for day to day business, stationery supplies have become increasingly popular. Notepads, pens, erasers, letter writing paper and envelopes are all potential brand ambassadors, with perhaps the business card being the most important first impression.


The stationery was enhanced with a printing technique called blind embossing. This kind of embossing leaves a lasting impression in the paper, much the same way Apogee makes its own unforgettable impression. The logo on the stationery was raised, to create contrast and produce a beautiful, textured finish.


A little like a badge of honour for going head to head with a high profile athlete, Apogee wanted to offer its customers a sports top. We designed the top to look like a cyclist’s racing jersey, complete with the Apogee logo. After all, every challenge should have its reward. ...Are you Apogee enough?

Project Description


Apogee offers state of the art sporting experiences with high profiles athletes. Our mission for this brand was to position it perfectly within the market using a digital strategy as daring and different as the brand itself.

As a brand, Apogee’s daredevil spirit combined with carefully crafted bespoke sports packages makes it very special. In order to create Apogee’s very own, UNIQUE Identity, we developed its presence online and in the real world, using visual, digital and physical assets as part of its brand building strategy.

Marketing Apogee, which pairs world famous athletes with sports enthusiasts, as an unmissable adventure felt like a natural fit for the brand, and for our agency.

As a concept, we think it has a touch of Apogeenius.

Project Details

  • ClientApogee
  • LocatedMonaco
  • Date2018